Week 1 : Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Abisola Longe


Abisola Longe is the Chief Executive Officer of Human Capacity Development Consultants. She is a seasoned facilitator, well-versed counselor, consultant, motivational speaker and mentor with over 25 years of professional experience.

She will be coaching our participants on leadership competencies and how they can achieve their goals - living the life they will love and will be proud of...

Olufunbi Falayi

Olufunbi Falayi is a co founder at Passion Incubator and the CEO of Leadspace www.theleadspace.co 'Funbi is passionate about Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, and Social Development. He has expertise in Enterprise Support, and Startup Incubation, Acceleration and Investment.

He will be training on the topic: "Entrepreneurship - What it takes to be an entrepreneur"

Mojisola Bakare

Mojisola is a writer, a poet and playwright. Mojisola's "MOJ on the move" was one of the pioneer columns on the Lagos Mums website- an e-magazine which focuses on the lifestyle of the women living in the boisterous city of Lagos, offering tips on how to live smart and not succumb to its pressures. Her work "Seeds and Fruits" was featured in Yemaya Women's Journal published by the Sydney University Law Society, Australia in August 2012

Being a software developer involves a lot of commitments and dedication, and to be an entrepreneur needs a high level of productivity and performance. Mrs Mojisola Bakare train our participants in productivity and performance skills.

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