About Pink IT

The Pink IT Women Empowerment programme is an initiative under the sponsorship of the US Consulate to empower unemployed female graduates of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with Software Development and Entrepreneurial Skills to take up entrepreneurial role in the software industry. This will be achieved through a 22 week-long programme (16 weeks training workshop on Saturdays only, while hands-on practice assignments will be done by participants during the week remotely or in a working space that shall be provided) followed by a 6 weeks internship in a software development company.

Participants are availed the following additional benefits:

  1. Online access to the Technical guides (mentors) to ask for help or clarifications during the week through our community platform
  2. Light refreshment during Tea-break, lunch during the weekend class
  3. Free Laptop, handouts and other learning materials
  4. Free Business Name Registration, Account Opening and Business Stationeries

It is our desire to see all of them become Game Changers and make landmark achievements in the software industry by launching a commercially viable software product in the market immediately after the programme.

The Training

It is deeper than just learning how to code as it will equip the participants with skills needed to run a profitable software business by developing software solutions to solve business and societal problems. The 16-weeks training shall cover software development, business and leadership skills, Entrepreneurial - Sales, Marketing, Finance and Management.

They will also be exposed to different avenues where they can continue learning (self improvement) to keep abreast with the changing technology world.

Volunteer software engineers, entrepreneurs, business development consultants and life coaches will conduct the trainings throughout the programme

During their internship period, participants will have first hand opportunity to work with professionals in the field, solving real life problems under pressure and time constraints.

In comparison to similar trainings across the world we can value it above $15,000.00 for each participant