Pink IT Impact - Testimonials

Joyce Ayoola

My experience at Pink It Initiative has been a very impactful and exciting one. The organizers and instructors did a great job to imbibe in us the necessary skills for Web design and development. Although, I had some basic knowledge and skills for Web design and development, what I have learnt from this initiative is way more than I had before. With what I have been taught, I have gained a level of confidence to take up two contracts to develop web application which are worth hundreds of thousands. I am grateful for the opportunity given me to be a part of this platform, I appreciate everyone who made this program a successful and impactful one, most especially Mrs. Abiola Ilupeju for her patience, words of encouragement and relentless efforts to seeing females who are passionate in this IT industry being able to stand on their own by helping to provide them with the necessary skills.

Joyce Ayoola
Kehinde Olaniyi

Pink IT Initiative is arguably the most pivotal thing that has happened to me as a Software Developer. The training helped develop my skills, built up my confidence level and helped get my first job as a Programmer. I'm delighted to say that it's been a roller coaster of fun ever since

Kehinde Olaniyi
 Adama Laruba

Being trained at PinkIT Initiative, I must say was an awesome and empowering experience; from the non-technical training all the way through to the technical training. Prior to the technical training I had pretty low software development skills. However, I was well able to fit in properly. I was very impressed with how easy Biola is to communicate with: very practical, simple presentations without much "techy" jargons going on. This approach of teaching helped me learn swiftly and brought balance to my preconceived idea of the Software industry.

Laying the foundation, I began to learn HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap for modern web design aesthetics. Then proceeded to writing JavaScript codes all the way to writing server-side codes! And then, ultimately using MVC logic of object oriented programming.In the course of the programme, I was opportune to participate in the first UN INFLUX Hackathon held in Lagos, Nigeria where my team emerged as first place winner. I was on the team as a frontend developer. It didn't end there; PinkIt also gave me the opportunity of experimenting all what I had learned in a real life scenario. I had my internship in a software developing company working on a real life project! There I learnt how to develop products using Agile software development method.
I like to encourage ladies especially; get empowered - this career is for you too

- Laruba Adama

Pink IT Closing Ceremony

The 2016/2017 Edition of the Pink IT Women Empowerment Programme was held on July 21st, 2017

Iveren Favour

The programme afforded me the opportunity to learn leadership and technical skills needed for my successful integration into the Techincal Industry. I came to Pink IT with very little knowledge of Software Development and in 6 months I'm leaving with a live project developed all by myself. The teachers were always willing to help us at every point in the programme and are amazingly still available to us.

Most importantly, in my country where the percentage of women in technology is low, Abiola has made a significant contribution to the Tech Eco-System by training 10 ladies as Techmakers. As the saying goes, "Train a Woman, Train a Nation". Thank you Pink IT for giving me a big push towards fulfilling my dreams as a Woman in Technology

Iveren Shaguy
Lilian Douglas

Hi, my name is Lilian Douglas, I am a web developer from the 2016/2017 Pink IT initiative Women Empowerment Programme. This program has impacted me in so many ways; I have gained programming, entrepreneurial and leadership skills, we had sessions with highly skilled people in the industry. As a Pink IT fellow, I have been inspired to attend several hackathons, learned to know my value, bridge gaps and build authentic relationships. I am so grateful for the opportunity PinkIT Initiative has given me.

Lilian Douglas
Kafilat Adedeji

Training with pinkIt has helped me to be able to reposition my industry and modify my business structure. Honestly I am able to sectionalized better and do one thing at a time while still not neglecting other parts. I now have a better business model canvas as well as a pitch deck for investors. Technical wise though I am still learning the web application building phase but at least I now understand better what the web application design and development entails and what it takes that even if I can accomplish developing one for my industry all by myself , I can be able to work well with a team we can develop viable products together.

Personally, it has also helped me understand my C++ programing skills better, I now work well with openScad and Arduino IDE for 3D modelling and automation (microcontroller) very well unlike before ( now I can believe the saying that learning one programing language can make you better in any other). That I was even able to teach OpenScad in a recent international workshop in university of Ibadan. In terms of Network, I have been able to build a good relationship with people in the IT industry and I know who to turn to for help in terms of any IT challenge. Because of my exposure in pinkIt, my industry website, is under construction and I will be able to use the template to start work on my industry web application. (Paagro software).

Kafilah Adedeji